Carmen Whateley

Managing Director – Financial Services, South Africa

Carmen brings her experience and knowledge to senior clients of Accenture, leveraging her 25 years experience within two South African banks and a major Telco. A common thread through Carmen’s career has been to identify and drive the adoption of new business horizons. This means that Carmen has been intricately involved in adapting to digital disruption within the Financial Services industry. Carmen is driven by her purpose to quickly connect people and ideas in order to identify viable alternatives that moves her client’s business, and people forward. A qualified Executive coach, Carmen is an avid advocate of positive psychology. She has a specific interest in the achievement of flow experiences at work, demonstrated to increase performance and engagement, as well as having positive effects on organizational teams and society at large.  To this end she completed her thesis on the implications of flow experiences for Executives. Carmen holds a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Psychology and Industrial Sociology, a Post-graduate Diploma in Management, and a Masters in Management from Wits Business School in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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